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COVID-10 Preventive Measures Standards


Happy Island PPEC is licensed and regulated by AHCA, and the health and safety of our patients, families, and staff will be always our top priority.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our mission will be to follow strictly the guidance from the public health officials and our staff of medical experts.


The center is supervised and instructed by a strict guideline of a Pediatric Medical Director and a Pediatric Director of Nursing.


Our guidelines would be comparable to any hospital or clinic. Some of the special and safe precautions would be the following:

• To wear a face mask, gloves, uniforms, goggles to protect the eyes, and shoe covers at all time

• Monitor everybody´s health daily:

- Be alert for symptoms

- Take the temperature

- Follow CDC guidance

• The staff would have to wear as well a face shield

• By AHCA we can not cook on-site and we must use all disposable paper and plastic good supply

• Physical Distancing throughout our locations: 

- Limit the capacity to a maximum of 7 kids per day to maintain physical distancing on-site. It would be  considered 25% of our full capacity (28 kids for a day) for our facility

- Installing Plexiglas dividers in between beds in the rest area, while kids rest o Installing Plexiglas dividers in the kids' activities area to isolate each kid for table

- Limiting the access to the center to anyone

- Supervising that the provided transportation offered by Medicaid adhere strictly to all the safety regulations in order to protect our kids, families, and staff

- Arrange the inside to make sure that kids always respect the 6 feet physical distancing

• Cleaning and Sanitizing:

- To increase the number of times our facilities is being cleaned and sanitized especially high-touch areas like door handles, desks, toys, playground, and all common areas.

- To use hand sanitizer and practice good hand washing


Medicaid allows us to offer to their parents options as telehealth or online schooling service for those kids that, under any circumstances linked to a medical situation or not, are unable to go to our facility. We will provide professional staff to assist them at home for the time they request. Also, we can still offer them behavior, physical, respiratory, and speech therapy in their home.

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